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There truly is nothing like live music, you and your guests will experience the pleasure of a performance. The guests at your wedding will benefit a lot more from a band. Not only will they be able to hear awesome tunes, but they will also have something to look at which can help keep the mood & energy level of the room high thus minimizes awkward silences. This in turn will make the event far more lively.

What Do You Need Best For Your Wedding?

Wedding live band singing on stage for wedding guest

1. Wedding Live Band

Discover the perfect soundtrack for your special day! Whether you're hosting a solemnization, cocktail reception, or a lavish wedding banquet, our talented team of professional singers, musicians, and emcees are here to create a sensational atmosphere that perfectly matches your desired music, mood, and style!

Check out our Wedding Live Bands Packages

Emcee stage mic

2. Wedding Emcee

Choosing the right emcee or host is essential for the success of your event. They not only entertain and interact with your guests, but they also ensure that your wedding or event is filled with fun and excitement.At our company, we have talented singers who can also double up as your emcee for the night. What's more, our emcees are bilingual and have extensive experience in hosting weddings.Don't settle for anything less than the best. Let our professional wedding emcee make your special day even more memorable.  

Check out our Emcees & Hosts.

Wedding live band sound system rental set

3. Sound System Rental

Ensure an unforgettable live performance for your guests.

When it comes to having a live band at your wedding, nothing compares to the excitement and energy of a live performance. To ensure your guests truly enjoy the experience, the quality and clarity of the music are key. That's why we offer good-quality sound system rentals that will take your wedding entertainment to the next level. With our equipment, you can create a mesmerizing experience for everyone in attendance.

Don't settle for subpar sound – choose the best for your special day. Rent a sound system that will make your wedding truly memorable. The standard set-up includes:


  • 2 Professional Speakers

  • 1 Sound Monitor

  • 1 Mixer

  • 1 Keyboard

  • Microphones & Stands

  • Music Stands

  • Cables

  • A Dedicated Soundman

This would cater to banquet sizes up to 25-30 tables.

Bride & Groom enjoying the wedding live band performance

4. Confirm your booking

Get ready for your dream wedding with just one more step!

Share your wedding details and let us know your favourite singers or musicians. We'll give you a quote and confirm their availability instantly.

Hurry, bookings are filling up fast! We'll collect a deposit to secure your preferred performers on your special day to ensure you get your top choice.

Got any questions? We're here to help! Ask away and we'll happily provide all the answers you need.


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When it comes to planning your wedding, adding a live band to your programme can be a wonderful touch. A live band can contribute to the ambience of the event and create a memorable experience for your guests. But, you may be wondering, how exactly does the live band fit into your programme? Let us guide you through the process.

Firstly, it's important to consider your wedding timeline. When do you want the band to play? Will they serve a specific purpose, such as during the ceremony or the reception? Or will they provide entertainment throughout the entire day? It's essential to communicate your vision and programme with the band, so they can prepare adequately and ensure that their performance complements the mood and atmosphere of specific parts of your event.

Secondly, think about the logistics. How many musicians do you need? How much space will they require? In most cases, a live band will need enough space for their equipment and performance area. Be sure to discuss these details with your venue and your band to prevent any hiccups on the day.

Lastly, keep in mind the genre and style of music you want to be played. A live band may be able to provide a range of music genres, from pop, jazz, oldies, mandopop and kpop, or even a mix of both. Be sure to choose a band that aligns with your taste and preference.

In conclusion, a live band can add a unique touch to your wedding programme, but careful planning and communication are crucial. Discuss your vision and programme with us, and ensure that logistics and music genres are considered in tandem. With these factors in mind, your live band can fit seamlessly into your wedding programme and make your big day even more unforgettable.

This is a sample timeline of how our live band would fit into your wedding from our experiences.


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