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2-Pcs Band

Featuring David Tan & Allie Soh 

(1 Singer/Guitarist + 1 Singer/Keyboardist)


Our dynamic duo with 2 Singers & 2 Instruments. Featuring Allie on Vocals and Keyboard + David Tan on Vocals and Guitar. With both powerful and soulful voices, they bring the best mix of Bilingual Classics & Top40s repertoire complemented by both instruments.


Click here to view video samples of AllieBaba

Perfect Duo

2-Pcs Band

Featuring David Tan & Si Ling

(1 Singer/Instrumentalist + 1 Singer)


Our perfect duo with Si Ling on Vocals & David Tan on Vocals and switching between Keyboard and Guitar. They bring the best mix of Bilingual Classics Love Songs. Many couples who requested for David, will specifically ask him to perform the all time favourite wedding song "Till the End" an OST of Taiwanese drama 斗鱼 (The Outsiders), composed and sang by David.


Click here to view video samples of Perfect Duo


Our musicians perform a wide range of music genres from Pop, Jazz, Bossa nova to Evergreen, Classics!


Versatality in our team of professional Singers, Bands & Musicians enables your guests to enjoy great hits from each genre across decades & songs in various languages and dilects.


Talk to us on what kind of mood you want for your wedding, what kind of music you think your guests will enjoy and we will recommend the best combination for big day in terms of Music . Mood . Style!

Perfect One (Featuring David Tan)

1-Pcs Band
(Singer + Keyboard/Guitar)


David is a singer-songwriter who plays keyboard, guitar and sings. Some might even call him a one man singing band . He is definitely the perfect choice for English classic love songs & evergreens from 60s till present. David is born with talent and passion for music since a tender young age. His soothing voice can easily touch hearts yet at the same time wow others with his powerful & versatile vocals. Many of our couples specially requested for David to perform “Till the End”, a song he wrote and sang for a Taiwanese Idol Drama “The Outsiders” 《斗鱼》 which was used by many as their March-in song.


Click here to view Profile and Videos of David Tan

One & Only

1-Pcs Band
(Singer + 1 Instrument)

If you are looking at an intimate setting with a multi-talented musician/singer who plays and sings. This will be the best choice for a cozy small party and intimate settings .


Click here to view our list of Singers.

Enchanted Love

2-Pcs Band
(1 Singer + 1 Instrument)


All good things they say , comes in a pair. Double Happiness for you and your loved one! This is a standard acoustic pairing with a singer accompanied by either a keyboard or guitar.


Click here to view our list of Singers.

Blissful Love

2-Pcs Band

(1 Singer/Instrumentalist + 1 Singer OR 1 Singer/Instrumentalist + 1 Instrument)


We have multi-talented singers and musicians who can play and sing. This is a popular choice amongst our wedding couples. This package allows you to have a Singer who can double up as an instrumentalist and at the same time being accompanied by another instrument of your choice Or another singer of you choice.


Click here to view our list of Singers.

Magical Moments

3-Pcs Band
(1 Singer + 2 Instruments OR 2 Singers + 1 Instrument)


Create your magical moment with our 3-Pcs band either with a singer accompanied by 2 Instruments of your choice OR if you prefer some Male/Female duets, you can choose 2 Singers accompanied by 1 Instrument.


Click here to view our list of Singers.

Glittering Carousel

4-Pcs Band

(1 Singer + 3 Instruments OR 2 Singers + 2 Instruments)


Glittering Carousel spreads love and joy to everyone through live music with great sincerity. You can pair our list of Singer with Musicians the way you like it!


Popular Choice:

1 Singer + Keyboard + Doublebass + Saxophone/Flute/Violin

1 Singer + Keyboard +  Guitar + Percussion

2 Singers + Keyboard + Guitar

Click here to view our list of Singers


DOTTS aka Descendants of the Tans

2-Pcs Band

Featuring David Tan &  Joshua Tan

(1 Singer/Guitarist + 1 Guitarist/Backing Singer)


DOTTS aka Descendants of Tans is a band of 2 brothers. A duo that brings you stripped down acoustic works from evergreen classics, rock to modern pop songs.


Click here to view video samples of DOTTS

Perfect Harmony
3-Pcs Band
Featuring Si Ling, Fong & Erick Tan

Our all time favourite, "Perfect Harmony", a 3-Pcs band featuring Fong, Si Ling & Erick Tan. Voices of 3 people in harmony, with our multi-talented Erick Tan playing both keyboard and guitar alternately depending on genre of songs and covering great tunes over the decades with a mixture of oldies, evergreens & Top 40s.


Click here to view video samples of Perfect Harmony

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