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With lots of love and support, we've evolved from our humble little business from delivering top quality wedding live music performances and entertainment to now a one-stop wedding atelier, providing premium quality products and services to give couples their perfect wedding.

Glittering Carousel as magical as it is, brings love, joy and laughter to us when we were kids. With this notion, we aim to put a big smile on every couple's face by taking the stress off them, providing them with unique wedding ideas and sharing our experiences, so we can work hand in hand towards their ideal, perfect wedding. Hop on, sit back and enjoy this magical journey with us!​

As one of Singapore’s premier wedding services provider, we provide a full range of wedding services, assist in designing & building a tailored thematic concept and executing the aesthetic vision on the actual wedding day. Be it a 3D stage backdrop, floral wall, customised ring dish, tailored wedding song, bespoke bride & groom cocktails or customised bridesmaids' gifts, we will see through the smallest details right from the start till the end, to ensure smooth execution on the actual day, leaving you to enjoy and celebrate the big day with your love ones.

We look forward to hearing your love story! 

Check out our website here.

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