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Peranakan Sayang Folk Songs Singing Group

Peranakan Sayang

5-Pcs Singing Group

Formed in 2017, Peranakan Sayang has been entertaining in Singapore and around the region with its lively, entertaining, get-up-and-joget (dance) and contagiously happy song performances that appeals to local and international audiences of all ages.


Peranakan Sayang traces its roots as early as 2004 when its founder, Baba Alvin Oon, performer, song-writer and music arranger, started re-arranging music of folk songs that Peranakans enjoyed listening to, promoting this unique culture. He aspires to give these traditional songs a make-over to give them a new lease of life, bringing sweet nostalgic memories to more senior crowds while attracting newer younger audiences.


The group’s name, Peranakan Sayang, was chosen to reflect the passion in promoting the Peranakan culture, keeping it current and relevant, spreading joy and goodwill and spreading the sayang (love) to all Peranakans in Singapore and regionally, who love and appreciate the culture.


Nyanyi! Joget! Hua Hee! (‘Sing! Dance! Enjoy!) Three words commonly used by Babas and Nyonyas that describes perfectly what the Peranakan Sayang singing performance is about; it is the most entertaining Peranakan cultural pop group.


It’s a show that’s filled with familiar folk songs, songs that you can joget to, interactive fun, cool mash-ups and funny parodies that will leave you in stitches, bringing on the laughs, smiles and happiness. It’s a celebration of culture and of life; living it up, having a memorably great time and making the Peranakan culture current and relevant!

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