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Ngak Ng 黃星魁

Guitarist | Vocalist


In a short span of 2 years, Ngak has raced up among the ranks to be a prominent new generation pub performer. He has been attracting crowds with his full-toned voice and uncanny ability to cover songs in his own style, while staying true to the originals.

Welded to a guitar, Ngak is an experienced performer at music festivals and has performed at numerous venues. He performed nightly packed clubs like Wala Wala, Balaclava, Loof, Hood and too many more to mentioned in Singapore.


Ngak was listed in many magazine events being 50 Gorgeous People (Female), 50 Most Eligible Bachelor (Cleo) and many more. He is also a budding songwriter and his songs have been performed by Alan Kuo 柯有伦and Wakin Chau 周华健.


In Nov 2007, Ngak was chosen by Speak Mandarin Campaign council to sing the theme song 《Challenge 挑战》 for their 07/08 Speak Mandarin Campaign. He also sang 《Black May身外物》 in the hit movie 《881》original soundtrack that has sold more than 13,000 copies in Singapore, and is the lead singer in the band The AMPs 红毛派which did the Chinese cover of the popular hokkien song 《One Million一百万》. Ngak is also selected to be the singer to the theme song 《True friends 最够朋友》of Guinness “Rise Together” movement.

Ngak has released his own album including soundtracks for Local Movie 《881》& 12 Lotus 《12莲花》. He has worked with and arranged songs for many artistes including The AMPs 红毛派, Wakin Chau 周华健,Jones 石康鈞,Serene 龚芝怡,Wu Jiahui 伍家辉 and 插班生 The Freshmen.

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