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Fong Canto Female Singer


GC Live Music Vocalist


Shuk Fong , better known as "Fong" , started her musical journey at the age of seven, when she debuted on stage with her mother, a national champion vocalist. Fong holds more than 20 titles under her name, include "Best Showmanship". As a performer, Fong engages audiences not just with her soulful, rich and mellifluous voice, but also her big personality and heartfelt emotions.


Fong is also a experience singing teacher who will help you to sing well. A crossover singer, she sings in diverse genres including pop, theatre and classical. Holding more than 20 over titles in singing competitions, she will help you project your voice and be a versatile and complete performer on stage. You will learn different singing techniques and find your own unique style under her guidance, cumulating in your performance at a yearly student recital.

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