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Percussion Band


Various company dinner & dance, corporate event, local and overseas festivals have all thrilled to the vibrant rhythms of DrumWorks. They've stayed on their feet and called for more. Feel the power of the dynamic and vibrant percussion band who excites audiences with their heart-thumping and infectious drumbeats.


The percussion team works crowds into partied frenzy. The DrumWorks percussion armory, contains a variety of samba, improvised and contemporary instruments. Drums in all shapes and sizes: the African djembes, Brazilian surdos, American snares, etc. Our field of compositions brings you Samba Funk.

Apart from performing for concerts and music festivals, the band is suitably available for corporate engagements, team-building sessions and educational workshops.
Drumworks will make your heart goes thumpin', your hands up in the air and your leg doing the happy feet dance all through your way home.

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