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Si Ling

Wedding Emcee (Bilingual)


SiLing loves singing since young, this natural talent sings through her soul. She is an aspiring singer with an insatiable love for music.

With a soothing and captivating voice, she started performing at The Ark Café at a tender age of 17, one of the youngest to have ever accepted into the café. This ignited a further desire in performing, singing and entertainment. She fronted her own Chinese pop-rock band; RazzlePlay. She has performed at various gigs as member of the band and has recorded 2 albums of which one of the songs was listed top 10 most voted songs on FM 100.3.

Behind the scenes, Si Ling had also performed as a backup vocalist for our very own Kit Chan in "The Music Room Concert 2011"and recorded backup vocals for various artists including 2012 National Day theme song "Love at first light" by Olivia Ong and Chingay 2013 theme song "雪中火".

Si Ling proves her ability to move among the styles with ease, while maintaining her tasteful vocal style that glides through the songs and capturing the soul of the audience.

In her subtle way, Si Ling is a classy singer whose interpretations of songs lend themselves to more intimate settings.



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